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Our custom software development services team have been in the market for over 10 years. Each member of our software staff is a senior developer with wide and deep knowledge in creating software to fit our customers’ needs. We take each need objectively to identify the optimal solution for the challenge. We specialize in custom software development that allows our customer to work smoothly, efficiently and increase productivity by reducing processing time and improving business workflow.

Our experiences in this business allow us to create a methodology where our customers will be involved and interact with our staff on almost every step of the process. Therefore, the customer can ensure that the final product perfectly fits their expectations and beyond. We can take your drafted idea and bring it to life, fully working, in a relatively short period compared with the average time in the market.

Our variety of services include Android Development, IOs Development, Cross-platform App, Xamarin, Web development, WordPress, PHP, Firebase, MongoDB, MySql, SQL Server, Microsoft Server customization like Dynamics Ax, GP and CRM, Office 365 development, Sales Force Integration, Custom solution for CMR, ERP, Point of Sales, Real Estate.


In all of our years of experience, we have been exposed to deal with many technologies in our path according to the IT world trends and business changes. We also try to keep in top of new technologies to stay as the first option to our customers. We have been working developing software before was born, we saw the beginning of that time and still stick around. We have done integration with AS400, MQ, Broker, Web Services, API, Mobile Development for IOs, Android, Cross platform, windows desktop, business intelligences, etc.

Software Development Iterations
1 Kickoff Meeting

Listen to the customer’s needs and interpret those needs based on their objectives. Once the general scope of the project is established, we proceed to identify the people who must be involved in the project and which project leaders in our organization will take over the project and all its related tasks.

2 Design’s Agreement

We do sketches of the required screens, the layout, navigation menu, reports and queries. This way, you confirm the expected result before the first click and ensure customer expectations of the final deliverable.

3 Deadlines

Once the project’s objectives and design sketches have been clearly established; we establish the delivery dates of partial progress of the project (Milestones). This ensures that on completion of the project; the customer gets exactly what they need and can get a quick return on investment.

Entities Design4

The design of the database is like the foundation for building a house. A good design can ensure the scalability of future application and peak operating efficiency. We define entities, tables, and store the necessary procedures and functions to ensure high system performance.

5Development (Coding)

At this stage, the application is coded, and the different layers, classes, functions, graphic design and safety standards required to invoke each functionality have been built.

6Quality Assurance Tests

This process ensures that each functionality agrees with the contract and meets customer expectation. We will try our best to make sure you get a bug-free application. Each task or process will get approval by QA staff (yours and ours) before being released in production. In addition, after all the components of the system have been completed, a full test is mandatory to make sure there are no gaps in your process over the system.

... ...
Certification and Final Delivery

After everything has been tested from our internal QA department and/or your QA staff, the customer signs a document as certification proof that each functionality has met their requirements and evaluate our work on each step of the process. Remember, we work until you are 100% satisfied!

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